Fire Safety Plans

Fire Safety Plan Box

A fire safety plan is a detailed document outlining instructions for fire procedures, fire prevention responsibilities for supervisory, fire drills, training and requirements for maintenance.  A comprehensive site inspection will be done to complete a customized Fire Safety Plan.  Our NFPA Certified Fire Inspectors will complete the Fire Safety Plans and submit it to local fire departments for approval. The fire safety plan is required by law but more importantly, reduces the risk of fire and loss of life.  Owners and supervisory staff should be fully versed in these procedures.

Who Needs a Fire Safety Plan

Highrise buildings, churches, restaurants, office buildings, industry buildings, gathering places and almost every building in Ontario requires a Fire Safety Plan. A well-designed fire safety plan protects your business, employees, and customers.

A Fire Safety Plan should include:

  • emergency procedures to be used in case of fire, including sounding the alarm, notifying the fire department, provisions for access for firefighters, instructing occupants on procedures to be followed when the fire alarm sounds, evacuating endangered persons, and confining, controlling and extinguishing the fire;
  • instructions on ways to prevent fires and methods to control fire hazards throughout the business;
  • information about the appointment, organization and instruction of designated supervisory staff and other occupants, including their related fire safety duties and responsibilities;
  • the method and frequency of conducting fire drills;
  • detailed maintenance procedures for fire protection systems and building features;
  • the identification of alternate fire safety measures in the event of a temporary shutdown of fire protection equipment or systems, so that occupant safety can be assured;
  • instructions and schematic diagrams describing the type, location and operation of building fire emergency systems;

Benefits of a Fire Safety Plan

  • Reduces incidence of fire
  • promotes employee knowledge of what to do an emergency
  • Promotes fire hazard identification and elimination
  • Coordinates business and fire department resources in an emergency
  • Enhances fire code compliance

Pyramid Fire Safety Plans will customize the fire safety plan to your business needs, provide schematic drawings, and upon your approval submit the fire safety plan to your local fire department for approval.

If your fire safety plan has not been reviewed in the last 12 months, we would be happy to review your current plan, update and submit to your local fire department.

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