Home Fire Safety Inspections

Residential fire safety inspections are designed to assist home owners in ensuring that their home is as safe as possible and compliant to the Ontario Fire Code.

In 2013, Ontario structure fires account for 67%  of the total fires.  Residential fires account for 73%  of structure fire losses. There were 801 injuries and 67 fatalities.  The estimated losses have been $572,700,000.00 due to fire according to statistics from the Office of the Ontario Fire Marshall.

It is law to have smoke-alarmworking smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms.

Pyramid Fire Safety Plans provides a comprehensive residential fire safety inspection of your residence.  Once the inspection is complete, we will review the inspection with you and make recommendations if necessary to improve the overall safety of your home.  If desired, we can also recommend many fire and safety product options to provide the highest level of fire protection security for your home.

Home Fire Safety Inspections

  • Residential fire safety inspection audit – citing any fire safety/protection deficiencies that need to be addressed or replaced.  These deficiencies may be the replacement of carbon monoxide alarms, smoke alarms, fire extinguishers and control of fire hazards.
  • Recommendations on products to address an fire safety problems or deficiencies.
  • Provide education to the owner/client on all aspects of fire safety.

Services at additional costs:

  • Home evacuation plans
  • Installation of fire protection products – costs to be determined due to the complexity of the project.