Commercial/Business Services

We hear about fire every day, fire can be caused by malfunctioning equipment or equipment that hasn’t been maintained properly.  However, not all fires can be prevented. It is important that building/business owners are prepared in the event of an emergency situation to protect occupants within the building.  Pyramid Fire Safety Plans offers full-service fire safety consulting to ensure that buildings in Ontario are achieving the highest level of Fire Safety.

Having NFPA certified staff, Pyramid Fire Safety Plans can create customized fire safety plans but more importantly can assist owners in the implementation of the plan as well as fire code compliance.   It is the fear of the unknown that makes owners reluctant to voluntarily submit a fire safety plan.  Pyramid Fire Safety Plans can reduce the fear of the unknown when it comes to Fire Code Compliance.  We are able to conduct an audit of the building and identify any deficits prior to submitting a fire safety plan. We are reducing Fire Code Violations in Ontario one Fire Safety Plan at a time.