Fire Safety Training

Implementation of the Fire Safety Plan

Once your fire safety plan has been approved, the important work begins.  What keeps property and people safe is the implementation of the fire safety plan.  If the plan is not utilized as a fire safety training document that the fire safety plan will not be as effective as it was meant to be.


Regular training on the emergency procedures should be done and recorded.  Training sessions can include emergency procedures, however more comprehensive training can be done to identify and remove fire hazards and the importance of completing daily, week and monthly checks to be done by staff.  A review of the training log should be done prior to the next training date.  This will allow you to know where the deficiencies were from the last training session and ensure they are addressed in the new training session.

Fire Drills

According to the Ontario Fire Code, a building must conduct fire drills at least once every 12 months.  Depending on the occupancy classification, fire drills may be required more frequently.  Our qualified staff can assist you in your fire drill training to provide practical training to be utilized in an emergency.

Benefits of Implementing a Fire Safety Plan

Reduces the incidence of fire through awareness, prevention and training
Promotes fire hazard identification and elimination
Promotes employee safety and awareness
Increases employee morale by allaying safety concerns
Coordinates business and fire department resources during a fire emergency
Reduces the potential impact of a fire on the business and community (injuries, dollar, losses, liability, etc.)
Enhances Fire Code compliance