What does a Fire Safety Plan Box Mean to You

Fire Safety Plan Box

Recently, I was in the Yorkville Pottery Barn and noticed a Fire Safety Plan Box at the front door.  A majority of people see the large white and red box at the front door but don’t know significance of the box.

What does it mean to have a fire safety plan box? What is a fire safety plan and what is its significance?  The purpose of the Fire Safety Plan is fire prevention, evacuation and emergency response.  This document facilitates, designates and organizes employees during an emergency.   If a property does not have a clear plan in place it can result in confusion, injury and property damages.   Unfortunately, we never think that a fire will happen at all and definitely not while we are working.  The key to successfully dealing with an emergency situation is staff training.  Staff training and fire drill requirements are laid out in the Ontario Fire Code. When staff are trained, it allows them to be more confident in their responsibilities in an emergency situation.  Well trained staff know the emergency procedures and are able to complete their responsibilities as well as assist in the evacuation of occupants.  When training is not done on a regular basis, staff will not be aware of their responsibilities making it difficult to assist in the evacuation of occupants.

Another key component to fire prevention is to ensure that fire protection is working properly.  Both staff and qualified technicians check, test and inspect equipment to ensure that it is working properly.  The Ontario Fire Code specifies how fire protection equipment should be maintained and requires records be kept on property for 2 years.

The next time you enter a building with the Red and White Fire Safety Box at the front door, you can feel more confident knowing that fire hazards in the building have been reduced, fire protection equipment is in working order and staff are prepared and trained for emergency situations.

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