Fire Safety Plans Are More Than Knowing Where Exits Are

If you were asked about a Fire Safety Plan for your company what would you say. We speak to people every day who aren’t familiar with a Fire Safety Plan.   Staff members are aware of where the emergency exits are located in the building however, they aren’t aware of the many pertinent details that consist in a fire safety plan.

Fire Safety Plans are more than evacuation plans; they contain essential information that staff should be trained on in case of emergency.  Compliance with the Ontario Fire Code is very important but compliance doesn’t save lives.  Staff education, training and preparation for an emergency situation will save lives.   Designated staff members must be familiar with the Fire Safety Plan and know how to execute assigned duties.  All staff members should know who the designated staff members are in an emergency. With staff trained on the procedures of a Fire Safety Plan it can reduce the risk of incident, reduce the loss due to fire and most importantly save lives.


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